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Can we bulk move devices into groups? And can we bulk remove devices from other groups? Similar to the bulk migrate configuration function.
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There's no such option on the Devices tab. 

However you can update the group by using the "Import devices" plugin.

Select Functions - Import Devices.

Select a group, File Type = List, and type the device numbers which you want to update, one device number per line. Then click "Import".

In the next screen, select "Existing devices" - "Override", and then click "Import".

Note that this action will clear the existing groups for each device.

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Thank you so much.

But it could not be multiple groups per device?
Unfortunately this method does not enable to assign multiple groups to devices.
I understand, thank you!

Is there another way, or are there plans to establish another way of achieving this?

There are other menus where there is a dropdown to select one or more groups.
For edit device there is a dropdown to select/assign this device to none, one, or several groups. I was hoping that the same could be provided here...