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For test purposes, we installed Headwind MDM on the port 8080 and it works well.

After that, we set up SSL certificates and the web panel works by https.

However QR code is no more generated, it attempts to open HTTP port 8080 which is now disabled.
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1. Update the parameter base.url in the XML config file (/var/lib/tomcat9/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml), it should be https://your-mdm.com instead of http://your-mdm.com:8080. Restart Tomcat to apply changes:

service tomcat9 restart

2. Manually change URLs of all APKs. 

2.1. Open the Applications tab, and uncheck the checkbox "Show system apps". 

2.2. For each application, click the "Versions" icon

2.3. Update the URL(s) for the latest available version.

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