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How would I add a file shortcut to the launcher?
I can see I can select a web type application and looking at the launcher source code there's some code catering for a "file://" URL:


However, when I attempt to set a file:// path it fails to open, a grey screen opens for a second then closes. Checking `adb logcat` it throws a stacktrace with the following error:

android.os.FileUriExposedException: file://TabletGuide.pdf exposed beyond app through Intent.getData()

How would I do this? This is needed to put PDF guides on the homescreen for users.
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1 Answer

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Please check the Headwind MDM launcher version, it should be 5.09 (or above).

Also, file://TabletGuide.pdf is a wrong URL (FileUriExposedException should be caught, though!). 

Please specify the full path including the storage path, like this:


This should work.

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