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Using HeadWind MDM, I have a question regarding updating apps. I set as basic parameter, the instantaneous update by MQQT protocol. However, having already enrolled 300 devices, when updating an .apk application, the h-MDM server crashes. I allocated on a VM 2 cores (Intel Xeon), and 8gb of ram. I have a 10 gbps fiber.

What would you recommend as a model (scheme) to configure the .apk updates of an application, to deliver it more slowly? For example, I don't know how to set installation times, or do batches of devices gradually, for example 50 devices between 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m.... Or deliver the update more slowly than all 300 devices do not search the .apk app on the server at the same time.

I'm quite annoyed. Thank you !smiley

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What do you mean under "crash"?
When I say crash, I mean the server is saturated. The update fails to be done on all devices at the same time. Hence my question to plan the installation, in a progressive way.

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There's currently no way to delay Push notifications. I hope this option will be available in further versions.
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Thank you for your reply.
However, how can I update my apps?
How do you make your settings in production for your customers? I don't understand why it would be impossible for me to do the update manually.

Same, my application is still in version 5.05, impossible to update it without losing the whole postgres database.
There's certainly something wrong with your setup. Nobody reported any issues even when updating thousands of devices. The APK is downloaded a bit slowly but there are certainly no crashes. Try using another hosting provider.
I host the MDM solution at my house, with a 10 gbps fiber. Indeed, by updating the .apk application, there is a 10th of devices that update, and the others do not. The server stops responding, neither does the web page, like an overload. What do you think about this subject?
Home computers are not optimized for network communication. I recommend you to order a virtual machine by any hosting provider. Another option is to hire a network engineering expert who could find a bottleneck in your setup.
Thank you for your answer. Do you confirm that H-MDM can update with the MQTT instant protocol hundreds of devices at the same time?
Yes, certainly! Your case is the exceptional one.