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So we have imported the device list with all our devices. Now we generate the QR Code for the selected configuration and want to scan, but we are asked to enter the Device Name... It has already been imported, so how to get around this?
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Device number is used to identify the device in the system, so it must be known BEFORE Headwind MDM agent requests any info from the server.

There are the following options:

1. You generate a QR code for each device (the device number is included in the QR code)

2. You use IMEI or serial number as the device number

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Thank you, understood. Yes, we already use the IMEI as Device ID.

We have created another field, "Device Name", where we keep the asset number of the device. Now all devices have already been imported from the previous MDM solution, all IMEIs, Device IDs, Device Names. Now we want to bulk add the thousands of devices without having to manually add any information.

That should work, no? Otherwise, why would we have imported the device list in the first place...
Yes, that will work!