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I want to create a scream(find my device) that should make sound when enable it from the admin panel how could I do this ? for this how could I get response from the mdm server ? more over I want this scream(find my device) inside the launcher itself.
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Here are some best practices for the development of an app like yours:

1. Integrate the Headwind MDM mobile SDK library into your application: https://h-mdm.com/headwind-mdm-api/

2. Use Push notifications to send signals to the device: https://h-mdm.com/push-notifications-api/

3. There's a "Push notification" plugin in the web panel (Functions - Push Messages) which could be used to test your app.
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I don't recommend updating the launcher to implement features like this. However you can do that by cloning the code from https://github.com/h-mdm/hmdm-android
Thank you for the information
Sorry, we do not provide such guides. You can review the source code yourself or hire an Android developer to update the code.