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I have a problem with big APK install files. When I try to install Google Chrome which APK have about 110 MB, its download drops after few seconds of downloading. Agent shows an error with try again option.
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Downloading larger files may be broken by a proxy.

If you are using a proxy (nginx) in front of Headwind MDM (including Headwind Remote module!), you may need to adjust the nginx settings to enable large files download.
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Unfortunately, after upgrading Tomcat to 90.0.40, issue still exists.
I see following warning in logs:
Temporary Store limit is 51200 mb (current store usage is 0 mb). The data directory: /var/lib/tomcat9 only has 6712 mb of usable space. - resetting to maximum available disk space: 6721 mb.

Maybe this is the problem?
I see that app downloading always stops at 34XXXXX. 34 MB? I'm not using nginx, just the default HMDM configuration.

Device log says:
Failed to download app com.android.chrome: Connection reset