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I need to set up a domain/URL blacklist and a whitelist for our users. Is it available in Headwind MDM?
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This feature is available in Headwind MDM Enterprise (or can be purchased as an extra set of plugins).

You can assign a whitelist and a blacklist to each configuration of devices.

Setting up the URL filtering is done in two steps.

1. Configure whitelists and blacklists in Settings - URL Filtering.

The list contains a set of domain names, one domain name per line. Wildcards are available, for example, to add all subdomains of facebook.com, add *facebook.com to the list (notice: if you specify *.facebook.com, this wildcard template will include all subdomains, but not the primary domain!).

For example, you may wish to blacklist all domains, specifying * for blacklist, and whitelist only required domains / domain templates.

2. Assign a whitelist and a blacklist to the configuration requiring URL filtering by clicking Functions - URL Filtering.

By default, a blacklist for the configuration is empty, which means, all domains are enabled. 

A useful feature of the URL filtering plugin is "Block ads", this will disable domains identified as the ad sources.

Notice: URL filtering plugin turns on a (local) VPN on the device, so this plugin can't be used with another VPN.

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