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Does Headwind include any sort of functionality that allows specific devices to have certain applications.

Creating configurations per application just isn't feasible, where I work we have several departments each with a mix of applications.

We'd have to have a configuration for every single combination of application and manually edit settings for each configuration when we want to make a change that affect all applications.

Is this not possible?

If not, a possible solution could be to allow configurations to inherit a parents settings and applications with the child overriding the parent.


Base configuration has company HR applications.
Training Department configuration inherits the Base configuration which adds the Training application in addition to the HR application.
Using the Block feature to block a previously allowed application from a parent configuration.

Please could you advise on this?
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1 Answer

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There is no inheritance of configurations.

You can duplicate the "parent" configuration and make changes in the "child" configuration. However making any changes in the initial configuration will not be reflected in the duplicated one.
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