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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your work with Headwind MDM

I have Zebra MC220J with Android 10 (build 10-16-10.00-QG-U44-STD-HEL-04)

This bug is strange, when you are on input field

And when you are outside field you have no bar

In our RDS app this little thing create some trouble like that, you type text with physics keyboard

and this bar does not disappear after input, you must quit the application with swap to the top for display 3 android button make cube and reload this display.

if you display Gboard for exemple :

You need to swap to the top

And press and the down arrow.

It's nothing for an experiment user but for logistic operator it's very complicated.

I don't know if it's bug only with Zebra and Headwind ou something other.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Have a nice day

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Are you running the device in kiosk mode?

Make sure the "Status bar lock" checkbox in the configuration details is unchecked.

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