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We are installing APK and a config file (ENV) on 300 devices.

APK is the same but the config file must be different for each device.

How could we do that?
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To perform this task, we implemented variables in files. 

Here's the flow.

1. Extract the variable parts from your config file (up to 3). For example, it can be some variable identifier. In exceptional case the whole config file may be declared as a variable.

2. Add "Custom" parameters. Select Settings - Language and other settings, and add the parameters. Select "Multiline" for large variables (this will display a multiline edit field instead of a single line), and uncheck the "Send to device" checkbox.

3. Click "Save" to apply settings, and go to the "Devices" tab. Click "Edit" and make sure you can edit custom parameters for each device. Fill in the parameters for each device.

4. Prepare a template for your config file: replace variable parts by texts CUSTOM1 [,CUSTOM2, CUSTOM3].

5. Open your configuration details, select the "Files" tab, and click "Add". Upload your tempate and set the checkbox "Variable content".

6. Save the configuration to apply settings and upload variable files to your devices.

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