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How can I add custom application icon?

When I want to add the icon through the Application settings -> Icon -> New Icon, it returns Internal server error. There's no info about file extensions or anything.

So far I didn't find any info in docs.
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That's a correct way to add the application icon. Something is wrong with the icon storage, perhaps a permission error. Can you check the Tomcat log and paste the exception as a comment to the question?
1. Is it okay that only root can access /var/lib/tomcat9/work directory?
2. Tomcat logs shows "POST /rest/private/icon-files HTTP/1.1" 200 64"
3. H-MDM logs shows "Unexpected error when handling icon file upload".

Stacktrace: https://pastebin.com/Z3xerUi2
1. I don't think it is normal. Add read & write access to all users, perhaps this changes things.
2. Looks like the image could not be parsed. Which is the image format you're uploading? Should be PNG or JPEG.
So... I was uploading .ico file...

PNG works fine! I think that there should be an info about needed file extension ;)

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