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I see in the android developer documentation that there is a key "android.os.UserManager.DISALLOW_BIOMETRIC" in the DevicePolicyManager function, but how can I apply that in Headwind MDM?

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It is possible to disable many options listed in UserManager by using "Restrictions". Open the configuration details, "MDM Settings", and type the appropriate value, for example, no_factory_reset in the "Restrictions" field. Save the configuration to apply settings. This option works in MDM mode only (when Headwind MDM is set as the device owner). 

However there's no option to disable biometric in UserManager. The android.os.UserManager.DISALLOW_BIOMETRIC you mentioned is apparently available to system applications only.

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I tried it in MDM mode but it did not work. Also https://developer.android.com/reference/android/os/UserManager does not write anything about "no_biometric", can it be that it only works on Samsung devices with knox (I use a LineageOS based phone)?