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There are certain Android properties that either require ADB access every time the phone is rebooted or require root to set permanently.  One example is service.adb.tcp.port.  Normally, to set that property, you either need a rooted phone and to run "setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555" or plug in the phone and run "adb tcpip on" each time.

Can Headwind push that a system level property like that to the phone via the APK?  If so, how would I configure that?

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Headwind MDM doesn't use root and therefore cannot change most of Android system properties (including service.adb.tcp.port). 

If you're familiar with Android Studio, you can develop a simple app which does what you need, see for details: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49249590/how-to-run-adb-command-programmatically-on-rooted-android-device  

If you need it for production usage, such app can be pushed to all your phones using Headwind MDM, because Headwind MDM can be installed on rooted phones without problem.

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