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If we published a new App Version in the MDM how long does it take until the devices start to install the App update?

And is it possible to change the time?
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If Push notifications are set up correctly, all devices must be notified about the new version instantly (within a few seconds). After that, they need a minute or two to download and install the app.

There are few reasons why the new version may not be installed within a few minutes.

1. (Most probable) Push notifications are not working well, see details here: https://qa.h-mdm.com/5102/

2. The download (which is in the background) has failed.  

Headwind MDM sends a request for changes in the configuration (and retries to download and install a new version) 4 times per day. This time can't be updated from the UI however can be adjusted in the Android application code.
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