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I have added 3 apks to the application list and enabled them for the configuration.  I go to the phone and force an update and I get updating configuration, then Failed to download the package <package name> 3 times.  The log shows Downloading app:<name> 3 times.

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When you add APK to the web panel, you see the URLs in the "Applications" tab.

What happens if you open this URL in the browser?

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it is able to download the file no problem (I didn't try to install it)

Is it possible the problem is that our proxy auto promotes to secure  (http connection is auto redirected to https)
Yes, it is possible. I would recommend to avoid redirections in URLs (however Headwind MDM should follow redirects).

The log record must have a detail message after "Failed to download the app", what is written there?
the next log message does not show any failure, just configuration updated

Our configuration is
public ip with cert apache proxy
      internal nextcloud server
      internal network test server
      hmdm server
The proxy redirects based upon path
     /nc -> https://internal/nc
     /hmdm -> https://internal/hmdm

I tried changing the baseurl to https://<servername> in hmdm.xml, but that didn't seem to help