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I deployed Headwind MDM server in LAN and tried to enroll the device. However the device requires Internet connection to download apps. Once I switch the device to the local WiFi connection without Internet access, the enrollment fails.

I scanned the QR code by a scanner and found that the URL in the JSON contents points to h-mdm.com rather than to my server.

How to fix that?
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Headwind MDM includes some applications (including the main launcher app) which are downloaded from h-mdm.com by default. If you would like to switch the links to your own server, you need to upload these applications to your server.

1. Open the Applications tab, find the links which point to h-mdm.com, copy them and download the APK files to your computer.

2. Click "Add", and upload the APK file to your server. Click "Save".

3. The server will warn you that this package ID is already used. Click "New version".

4. Click "Save" when the web panel asks you which configurations should contain this app.

5. Check that the URL of the application has been changed to your server.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all APK files.

Note: you may get the error "Version already exists" at the 3rd step. If you get this error, please update Headwind MDM web panel to the latest version.

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