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I know that it's possible to setup the device owner app on Android 6 through adb. How can I do that?

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1. Install Headwind MDM launcher from the website (do not run it).

2. Turn on adb debugging. Open Settings, System, then tap 7 times to "Build number" to open the hidden "Developers" settings. Then enter the developers settings and allow USB debugging.

3. Connect the device to the computer through USB (install Android SDK or Android Studio on the computer), then run the following command:

adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.hmdm.launcher/.AdminReceiver

You must get the following response: "Active admin component set to com.hmdm.launcher/.AdminReceiver)

4. Tap Home on the device. It must suggest a choice between a standard launcher and "Headwind MDM". Select "Headwind MDM" and set the checkbox "Always".

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