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We have a set of tablets running Headwind MDM. We would like to safe update the launcher but how could we ensure the update won't fail?
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If you need to update both the web panel and the launcher, please update it in the following order:

1. First, update the launcher

2. Second, update the web panel

We recommend to update the launcher on a test group of devices first. 

  1. Create a test copy of the working configuration
  2. Switch test devices to the test configuration (Edit device -> Select configuration)
  3. Force the configuration renewal by tapping the update icon in the right part of the device screen
  4. Upload a new launcher to the server and include it in test configuration only
  5. Renew the configuration on the devices (if it isn't renewed automatically). Check that the launcher has been updated and started, and the device is up and running
  6. Update the launcher in the working configuration
  7. Remove the test configuration (to avoid garbage in the form of multiple deprecated test configurations)

If the launcher wasn't restarted, add the launcher restart utility to the work configuration (no need to show the icon on the device screen), and make sure it is installed on all work devices (the installation status indicator must become green).

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