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I downloaded and installed the Headwind MDM Community Edition. It works really great but I have a problem with the update of the application.

After I installed the app as device administrator, using the QRCode, I made some customization on the Android code and then I tried to upload the new apk version on the MDM. 

The device then tries to download and install the new version, but the installation fails. I can't find any way to stop the app and disable the device administration.


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You cannot upgrade the app installed from the https://h-mdm.com website by the newer version built by you, because they are signed by different keys.

What you need is to replace the original Headwind MDM launcher by the version built by you, and then install the app using the QR code. Make sure you're building the "release" version signed by keys you've generated: https://developer.android.com/studio/publish/app-signing

After that, you will be able to update the app by the newer version signed by the same keys.
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