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There is a tab "Application settings" in the configuration. I would like to integrate my app with Headwind MDM to be able to do bulk setup from the server.
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The application settings are retrieved in the app after it is connected with Headwind MDM service. Use the sample plugin to see how to connect the app to Headwind MDM.

Here's the integration flow:

1. Call 

MDMService.getInstance().connect(context, resultHandler) 

in onResume or wherever you need.

2. Implement the MDMService.ResultHandler interface. There are two callbacks, onMDMConnected and onMDMDisconnected. After onMDMConnected is called, the connection is established and you can retrieve the app settings.

3. To retrieve the app settings, use the following method:

MDMService.Preferences.get(String preferenceName, String defaultValue);

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