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The mobile agent cannot connect to my Headwind Remote server and reports "ICE connection failed".
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This problem could arise if the UDP traffic is (partially) blocked by a firewall. 

This could happen in the following cases:

1. You are using a hosting provider who blocks all unwanted traffic. In your hosting panel, find an appropriate settings ("Firewall", "Security", or "Network", check with the technical support if available), and add a rule unblocking all incoming UDP traffic. Outgoing traffic (from the server) is usually not blocked.

2. Your server is behind a NAT. In this case, you also need to unblock the UDP traffic, but also set the external IP for your Headwind Remote server.

To diagnose the UDP issue, please do the following:

On the Headwind Remote server, run a command:

nc -lu <number>

For example,

nc -lu 5678

On another Linux computer, run the command:

nc -u <headwind-remote-domain-name> <port>

Then type any message, for example, "test", and press Enter. Your message must appear in the console of your Headwind Remote server after the "nc -lu" command.

The UDP port number can be an arbitrary number from 1024 to 65536. Try different port numbers to make sure all UDP traffic is unblocked. 

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