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I am trying H-MDM for the first time, I have managed to set it up by following the instructions on this website, however I have some issues:

1. I cannot disable settings (the status bar is always accessible despite setting the status back lock)

2. If I disable mobile data in the console, the device prompts the user to open settings and disable it. I thought this would be done automatically without the user input.

Is it possible to do what I am trying to achieve? Thanks a lot!

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1. The "status bar lock" may not work on some phones because it is an undocumented Android feature. For example, it may not work on Android 9 and above.

To disable exit to settings, please make sure "android.app.settings" app is not present in the configuration, and you have granted the "access to app history" permission on the device.

If you still want to lock the status bar, consider using "Kiosk mode", it effectively locks the status bar and navigation bar on Android 7 and above.

2. Unfortunately the mobile data couldn't be changed programmatically, even by a MDM admin app. So the only way is to force user to change this setting in the UI.
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