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We need  to restrict a number of devices for single app use.
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This is the manual how to setup your app to run in kiosk mode. If you need to setup a web page in kiosk mode, please read the instruction here.

Here's the step by step guide.

  1. Add the application you'd like to run in kiosk mode
  2. After you save the app, select "install" in the required configuration.
  3. Open the configuration details, click "MDM settings", set the "Kiosk mode" checkbox, and type your app name (or package ID) in the "Content application" field.
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen
  5. Enroll the device as described here.
The device must now run in kiosk mode.
Note: to exit the kiosk mode, tap 4 times at the top left corner of the device (if your app has a black scren, you could see a very transparent key in that corner), then enter the password. As an alternative, you can uncheck the "Kiosk mode" checkbox in the web panel.

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