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Can you help me import and build source code from IntelliJ IDEA ?

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Headwind MDM web panel is the IDEA project, it should be opened and built in IDEA without any issues.

Here are steps how to open and build the project.

1. Clone the project into a certain directory

2. Run Intellij IDEA (we use 2017.2.1)

3. Click File - Open, and select the directory to which the project is cloned

4. Select Build - Build Project. Make sure the build is successful.

5. Select "Edit configurations".

Click + and add the "Maven" configuration. Select the working directory including "server" path. The command line should be tomcat7:run-war

6. Click "Run" to build and run the project locally.

On success, you must get the web panel running at http://localhost:9090.

The target WAR file is located in server/target/launcher.war.

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