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I downloaded a XAPK file from apkpure.com and uploaded the XAPK file to Headwind MDM web panel.

However the application is not installed on my device - XAPK installation is not working.

When I'm installing this XAPK using APKPure installer from their database, installation is working well.


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To diagnose the installation error, turn on logging and click "Refresh configuration".

You will get the installation error in Functions - Logs.

The most common installation error is the following:

Install failed: INCOMPATIBLE, extra: INSTALL_FAILED_NO_MATCHING_ABIS: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-113

This happens when the application contains native code (C/C++) and the XAPK has been built for the wrong architecture.

Note: there are two common architectures for mobile devices: 

armeabi-v7a - legacy architecture for cheap devices;

arm64-v8a - 64-bit architecture for modern devices.

Despite the most modern devices are running ARM64-V8A, most APK and XAPK are built for armeabi-v7a by default. 

If you're downloading the app from apkpure.com, click "Versions" on the app page:

Then select "Variants":

You will get links to APKs for different processor architectures:

Select arm64-v8a and download the correct XAPK.

Note: before uploading this application to the Headwind MDM web panel, it is recommended to remove the previous version!

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