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When I refer to the tomcat9 log with the command "journalctl -u tomcat9.service", I keep catching the same Exception every second.

How can I fix this?

Apr 14 03:40:55 ip-xxx-yyy-2-108 tomcat9[518]: 2022-04-14 03:40:55 [WARN] org.apache.activemq.broker.TransportConnection.Transport : Transport Connection to: tcp://xxx.yyy.2.72:2441 failed: java.io.EOFException

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1 Answer

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This message is related to Push notifications. It is raised when a device goes offline. Since devices are automatically reconnecting when they go online, this message doesn't mean anything serious, just ignore it.

Unfortunately this message can't be suppressed in logs because it is generated by a third party code (Apache ActiveMQ).
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