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I would like to know if we can tweak the setting to make the network remote better for apuppet remote. 

Actually network is ok but it always say like this, if we have somewhere to tweak this. 


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Yes, you can tweak this.
Please find a file web-admin/js/session-monitoring.js, and find the following line (line 18, but the line number may be different in your code):
                    if (self.lastPongReceivedFrom + self.pingIntervalDelayMillis*2 < currentTimestamp) {
                        ui.showWarning(`Network problems`, 'Device management', null, null, self.pingIntervalDelayMillis);
Replace 2 to whatever you like better, for example, 5. This will increase tolerance to slow delivery of UDP packets.
After updating the code, run the command:
ansible-playbook deploy/pre_webadmin.yaml
This command should compile the new JavaScript code and restart the service to apply changes.
If this command won't work as appropriate, use the common restart command:
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